Hi Everyone, here is my draft of assignment 1 and the Spreadsheet for my Company “Gfinity”. This was quite challenging for me and am open for any possible feedback šŸ™‚

Please include a link to your blog in the comments and I shall try to get to some prior to next Thursday.

In particular, may someone please look at my spreadsheet (Statements of Movement in Equity) the sum for total comprehensive income is not working for the years ending 30 June 2015 & 2016 however, it works for the year ended 2014. Or is this correct because the firm is working at a loss so if the loss is greater than the opening balance the total comprehensive income is the loss amount? Afterall this is how it is stated on the Statement of Equity in the Reports below.

Assignment # 1 – Step 1


Gfinity Spreadsheet 2017

Gfinity Annual Reports: 2016 2015 2014

Once completed the feedback form please email the form to me at

Greatly appreciated!



8 thoughts on “ASSIGNMENT 1 (DRAFT)

  1. Hi Maddie, your work is looking great so far and thank you for liking my blog enough to include it in your top 3! I’m just about to complete a feedback form for your assignment so can you please provide me with an email address so I can email it to you once it’s completed.


  2. Hi Maddie,

    I am having problems sending you your feedback. So I have attached it here for you. Please let me know if you would like to discuss it or if you need any help. Just wondering if you could do me a feedback sheet as I still have to get 2 more.




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