Gfinity’s Main Challenge (Operating at a loss)

The Main difference I noticed between most of other peoples firm’s and mine was that most other peoples firms were not operating at a loss (like Gfinity). I would say this is because their given companies have been operating for a much longer than mine. Gfinity only started operating in May 2013 and the initial cost to start a business is extremely high and I would say that my firm is currently trying to establish the path they want to go down. As I found on a website called (Here) It says “Over the last few years Gfinity has looked like a company that can’t quite decide what it want’s to be. One month they are focusing on a massive self funded event like G3 and the next they are effectively a production company for hire. Then they might return with the Gfinity Championship, running major competitions at their arena almost every week, before disappearing back into the world of partnered events. Throw in their online competition offerings and things start to seem more than a little disorganised”. Let’s hope that the esports business will boom and Gfinity will get some more Investors to join so that they can finally make a profit. This would be my main challenge for my company is to actually make a profit.  Is anyone else’s company operating at a loss?


3 thoughts on “Gfinity’s Main Challenge (Operating at a loss)

  1. Yes it is listed on the London Stock Exchange. This is something I will be looking forward to finding out for myself too. Shares etc are not my strong point and I am looking forward to learning more about this over the coming weeks in this unit I hope.


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