Restated Financial Statements

Hi everyone,

I am feeling so behind but have finally finished a draft of my restated financial statements.

After crying at my desk last night because I realised I was so far behind and not only had I not finished my own spreadsheets but I have to do feedback for 3 other people by 5pm tomorrow. I lost the plot…for the first time since i started. This is what used to get to me every other time I tried to study. One thing in my life always suffers and because i decided to use my long weekend to wash the car, catch up with friends and clean the entire house (which looks sparkling by the way) my studies suffered and I went into a mental breakdown. I felt stupid! This is what used to make me give up previous times because “life” is too busy and difficult. Not this time…..I had had very little sleep and been smashing coffee and red bull all day but i will get there!!!

I sort of had my spreadsheets right by just going off the study guide but have just gone through Maria’s videos from the last few weeks where she steps you through it and I honestly do not know why I did not do this in the first place. It was so  much easier.

Gfinity Spreadsheet As at 3rd May

Now onto my other uni subject which is also lagging behind and has deadlines.

Maddie Xx


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