Ekk. I am finished!

This is it.

My first semester of uni done an dusted. I now feel like I can do this. Here I am attempting for the third time to complete my accounting degree and i finally feel ready and like I have nailed it, winning! 🙂

I have just submitted my final assessment for this unit Accounting, Learning & Online Communication and all I can say thank-god!

Was it just me or did it feel like a whole uni degree in one unit of study? I know there is no exam for this unit but boy oh boy did we make up for it in the amount of assignments we had to write up and all those key concepts and questions!!! mine were at least 1200 words each and the assessments about 6000 each. I have never typed so much in my life! That in itself feels so accomplishing.

I hope everyone else enjoyed this unit as much as I did and best of luck with all your future studies!

For anyone wanting to have a look, here is my final copies of Gfinity’s Spreadsheet and Final Assignment 2!



Maddie Xx


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