This is where I will document my progress throughout ACCT11081: Introductory financial accounting unit in term 1, 2018.


Below is my Assignment steps 7-10 for peer feedback. This is a pretty rough draft and I would be open to any suggestions! Once completed please forward to my email address I will try to do a feedback for you also, just let me know when you have done it. Maddie.

Assignment 1 Steps 7-11



Below is my completed steps 3 -5 for feedback and I have also attached the feedback form for your convenience. Once completed, please forward to my email address and Leave a comment when done so I can do the same for you. Thanks in advance, Maddie 🙂

Assignment 1 Steps 3-6

Link to “Austal” Website:

Austal Spreadsheet


Austal FY2017 Annual Report to Shareholders



6 thoughts on “ACCT11081: Introductory Financial Accounting

  1. Hey Maddie, I will be finishing off step 5 tomorrow some time hopefully and would be happy to comment on your work. In the mean time I would love to know how you linked your word documents to the blog – sorry am new to the blogging. (and linking in the forum obviously!)


    1. I used to struggle with the linking as well but have a little bit more understanding now. It is really hard to find good advice on how to navigate around wordpress blogs too! So are you all good with attaching the word document part to your blog now? Did you want to know how to enter URL in a word document or insert a document onto your blog?

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      1. Thanks Maddie, Yes I have it all sorted. because my firms’ 2017 annual report is not active on their website at the moment I have had to add it as a pdf so adding the documents was great.

        I have just emailed my feedback to you! let me know if you don’t get it.
        Look forward to hearing from you


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