Background Information on “Austral”

The Company I have been given for this unit is “Austal”. They are a ship company who design and construct ships and commercial vessels for the world’s leading operators. For over 28 years, Austal has designed and constructed in excess of 260 vessels for over 100 operators in 50 countries, gaining a desirable reputation for advanced shipbuilding using technologies and construction processes. From safe, modern shipyards located in Australia, the United States of America and The Philippines – and service centres located around the world – Austal offers marine, government and commercial operators the highest quality ships, systems and support.

Complementing Austal’s capabilities in shipbuilding is the company’s expertise in the development and integration of advanced vessel control and information management systems, such as Ride Control and Marine Link. Systems such as Marine link which is a monitoring, alarm and control system that provides real time, on-board and remote location systems control and monitoring functionality for various vessel systems. These systems deliver timely and accurate information on a vessels performance and status at any given time in a clear and concise format that enables decision making on the water, or at port.

Austal’s Ride Control system provides improved seakeeping capability through enhanced computer controlled motion reduction – ensuring a smoother, more stable, productive and comfortable ride for crew, passengers and cargo. Austal Ride Control Interceptors are designed for high-speed vessels that require an efficient and cost-effective motion control solution.

Austal provides marine, government and commercial operators the highest quality through-life capability management and vessel support services, including crew training and instruction, vessel servicing, repairs and maintenance, integrated logistics support, vessel sustainment and information management systems support. Austal also provides comprehensive refit services and management of annual dockings. These services are delivered through their global support network in Australia, the USA, Philippines and the Middle East; together with partner shipyards and service centres worldwide. There are three Austal service centres located throughout Australia, one in Darwin in the Northern Territory, Cairns in Queensland, and Henderson in Western Australia. Other service locations are Balamban, Cebu in the Philippines and Austal’s middle east service centre which is located in Muscat, Oman.

To meet the increasing complexity of modern platforms, Austal provides tailored training packages for maintenance crews, operating crews and specialised technical training relevant to onboard monitoring programs and information systems. Training can be delivered on location or at Austal’s headquarters in Western Australia.


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